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Frequently Asked Questions

Each Turning Point pen is designed and crafted especially to amplify your important moments. We know how special and unique your important moments can be, and choosing the perfect pen for that moment requires careful consideration. Here we try to answer some of questions that come up when our customers are choosing the pen for their moments.

Where can I see a Turning Point pen up close?

Visit our partners in person

Turning Point Pen Co. does not operate a retail store, but we do have several fine partners who carry stock:

  • Chasen Galleries is a high-class art gallery in Richmond, Va. Their main focus is color: they feature artwork with bold, vibrant colors. For this reason, Turning Point Pen Co. created our “Color Collection” to be featured exclusively on their gallery floor. These pens cannot be found anywhere else, so stop by Chasen Galleries 3101 Ellwood Avenue, Richmond, VA 23221 to view this collection and the other amazing art pieces they offer.
  • Larkin Arts is the premier art gallery, studio, and shop in Harrisonburg, Va. They have created an intimate artistic community through special events that they host. Local artists, patrons, and students of James Madison University frequent the downtown gallery to appreciate featured art and share their talents. Visit them at 61 Court Square Harrisonburg, Va 22801
  • Carraras Jewelers is Richmond, Virginia’s premier family-owned, quality-driven jewelry store. Recently celebrating 50 years in business, this shop is the place to stop. They carry only top-notch accessories such as one-of-a-kind estate pieces, diamonds, fine gold, sterling silver, colored gemstones, pearls… and now they have Turning Point pens in their repertoire! When you visit, be sure to ask to see the “Duchess of Carraras.”

Use our website

We created this website as a way for us to learn, interact, and serve you. Enjoy learning what the Turning Point Pen Co. is all about, let us help you with any ideas or questions you may have, and let our products commemorate and amplify your important moments, no matter how big or small.

We are happy to sell pens directly to you through this website. Just visit our writing instruments section for information on what is in stock. You can also use the customization page to learn how you can have a custom pen crafted just for you.

How are Turning Point Pens made?

Each Turning Point pen is hand-crafted by Michael Hyland in his shop near Richmond, Virginia. Michael starts with the highest quality metal parts and wood, acrylic, or other body material.

The pens are designed according to the project and shaped on a machine called a lathe. This wondrous process where the raw material transforms into something new is called “turning”, which inspired the company name. They are sanded up to 800 grit or higher, polished, an appropriate finish is applied, and then buffed with various degrees of buffing compound. After that, all that’s left is to assemble the pens, engrave them if it’s desired, and send them on to add value to their new owner!

Can I get a personalized pen?

Of course you can! We want you to have the pen that will most rightly enhance your special moments. We know that this is not always possible with an off-the-shelf pen. Any pen on this website can be personalized. Let us put that extra meaning into your next writing instrument with a special engraving. Just send us an with your request.

You can also go the extra mile and get a completely custom pen.

What are Turning Point pens made of?

Our pens are made of various materials. The body is most often made of wood or acrylic resin. Wooden pen bodies are finished with a durable polyurethane-based finish that is tailored to high-speed wood turning. Cyanoacrylate finishes are applied only in special circumstances.

Visible metal parts are all plated with precious or semi-precious metal alloys. These include rhodium, black titanium, silver, gold (up to 24kt), palladium, and chrome. These materials all influence the price of the pen; as a general rule, the more desirable materials will be brighter, better resist wear, and even feel more solid in the hand.

Can you help me decide?

Absolutely! We are happy to help you match an in-stock pen to your important moment, or we can talk with you about having a custom pen made that will most effectively suit your needs. Take some time to browse our website and familiarize yourself with our writing instruments, then give us a call at 804.504.1303 or send us an . We love to help.

“It’s a masterpiece. The colour: amazing. The fine details, too. Pictures and video don’t do it justice at all. I view it as art work that doubles as a pen.” ~ Boyd Reid

“I ordered a Turning Point product as a unique gift that would stand out. Michael was really easy to work with and took the time to create the meaning I wanted in this gift. The finished product surpassed my expectations in both material quality and craftsmanship, and my friend absolutely loved it!” ~ Krista Samek

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